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Juicy Fire Power Shots are healthy and have great taste. They will give you a genuine energy boost. A perfect daily start or just what the doctor ordered if you can do with some extra energy. Physically or mentally. Juice Fire comes in four flavours: Ginger, Kurkuma, Red Pepper and Wheatgrass. Every shot giving you a 100% natural energy boost. Raw, slow and freshly juiced and without any additives. You can order your shot here, but be careful: Juicy Fire is hot!



Juicy Fire Ginger mainly consists of slow and freshly pressed ginger. Ginger is a well-known ingredient in health food, but the ginger we use is much stronger. And that’s something you will notice! Naturally filled with anti-oxidants it will warm you up, open up your throat and boost your energy instantly. By adding fresh lime and apple you will also get loads of vitamins with every shot. Ideal to maintain a healthy digestion and blood circulation. Also a tereffic boost for your immune system.



Juicy Fire Vitamin Boost is loaded with vitamin C. It also consists of the most power full anti-oxidant of all, namely clove.  The mix of peppers, cayenne pepper, clove, beet root, apple, lemon and ginger makes this shot strongly anti-inflammatory. Clove also helps you to protect against hostile bacteria’s and viruses. A natural energy boost, just like all Juicy Fire Power Shots.



Wheatgrass is probably the best known and most powerful health food today. Due to the high level of chlorophyll this Power Shot improves your blood tremendously. It contains almost every vitamin available, helps you against stress and boosts your energy. By adding fresh oregano, mint, spirulina and lemon we have made this shot of wheatgrass the most tasty one available. Detox to the max!


Juicy Fire Kurkuma is a well balances combination of fresh biological curcuma, ginger, black pepper, apple and lime. The uptake of curcumin (the active substance in the curcuma root) is radically enhanced by adding black pepper. Curcuma is the most known herb in the far east and extensively researched. It is one of the most anti-inflammatory herbs and highly rated on ORAC. It also strengthens your memory and focus. (TIP, together with a tea spoon of olive oil the uptake of the curcumin in this shot will be even better.)

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